blackjml (blackjml) wrote,


  • Reading Confessions. Enjoying it.

  • Bought a Macbook. Running Feisty. More info later.

  • Missing iCal terribly.

  • Was ill over the Eight Hours Day long weekend.

  • Tasmania's bus system doesn't cater to weekend tourism.

  • Just watched all of Season 1 of 24. I love how every second sentence ends with "now!".

  • Looking to pay people to host mail for myself and Crossroads (several mailing lists and addresses).

  • Finished every single level on Super Mario World except the final battle with Bowser.

  • Everyone at Crossroads loves WarioWare Smooth Moves. Unfortunately, someone filmed me doing the dance routine from the Tiny Wario section.

  • Not contributing much to Twisted at the moment.

  • There is a testing-in-python mailing list. There is some interesting discussion going on there. I just hope that the people there who are writing things learn from xUnit, Trial, nose and bzr.tests and don't just make the assumption that not having to write a 'class FooTest(TestCase):' statement makes something cool.

  • On testing, glyph has promised to finally tell me what he means about xUnit.


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