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Feb. 12th, 2007 | 03:20 pm

Regular readers will know that I am shopping for a laptop.

Currently, the Macbook is the front-runner, especially now that I have a canary to descend into the mines and check whether it will run Linux properly.

Still, the Thinkpad X60 looks like a fine machine. If only it didn't cost 3,599 AUD to buy one. If only I could find some magical wonderland where hardware is a cheap as chips.

As it turns out, this magical wonderland actually exists.

Come with me to New Zealand!

Cross the ethereal Tasman and go to Lenovo's New Zealand website. Gaze upon their X Series range. Gasp in amazement at the price of the 2GHz X60—3,129 NZD. That's about 2750 AUD. Or, as like I to say it:


I called Lenovo's Australian sales centre and asked them about the price difference. They pointed out that the New Zealand price doesn't include Australia's 10% GST. However, even with GST, it's still about 575 AUD cheaper in New Zealand. They pointed out that Lenovo Australia is offering a free MP3 player worth over $200 for free with the X60 laptops. They speculated that demand for the Thinkpad X60 might be higher here in Australia. They sounded unconvinced.

Wild plans have been buzzing around my head. Perhaps I could fly to New Zealand and bought a laptop there. No, the tickets alone would cost between $700 and $850. I could arrange for a friend in New Zealand to order the laptop and then ship it over. Still, that's a lot of hassle. Perhaps it's worth it.

The information is out there, let the market forces do their work!

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